The Central America Trade Office (CATO) was established in 1997, aiming to reinforce the trade and economic promotion for the seven Central American Embassies in the Republic of China (Taiwan). In coordination with the "Working Guide Lines for Enhancing Economic & Trade Ties with Diplomatic Allies in Central America" approved by the R.O.C. Government, CATO serves to facilitate mutual interaction of trade and economy, strategic alliances and international investment cooperation, functioning as the matching platform for business communication between Taiwan and Central America.

Principal Functions

Offering information on Central American trade, investment and tourism.

Assisting the promotion of interaction and collaboration between Taiwanese-funding enterprises and Central American businesses.

Implementing the business missions between seven Central American allied countries and Taiwan, participation in the trade shows, development of international affairs and related activities.

Supporting the consultation on trade and economy for the Central American Embassies in the R.O.C.(Taiwan).

Work Programs
1 Trade Promotion

◆ Promoting capital and technical investments as an assistance to enhance the added value for Central American products to explore the international export markets.

◆ Utilizing the internet to provide trade information to promote business opportunity.

◆ Organizing seminars with definite business goals and trade leads.

◆ Building up favorable interactive relation with overseas Taiwanese businesses in the Central American countries as well as local Taiwanese companies.

◆ Exhibiting Central American products and catalogues at CATO office in the prime location of the Taipei World Trade Center.

2 Investment Promotion

◆ Collecting and analyzing business information of Central America and Taiwan for potential prospects in the export processing industry.

◆ Offering related information on the upstream and downstream industries at the export processing zones in Central America.

◆ Organizing seminars with definite business goals and investment incentives.

◆ Facilitating possible strategic alliances between Central American and Taiwanese businesses to develop the marketing channels.

◆ Organizing specialized delegations to Central America to investigate the industrial prospects for strategic alliances.

◆ Assisting the enhancement of diversification and high added value for the Central American businesses.

◆ Initiating strategic alliances by full package services through cooperation with Turnkey Project Association.

3 Tourism and Cultural Promotion

◆ Facilitating press tour from Taiwan media to Central America for reports and filming to increase the exposure of Central American tourism environment and resources.

◆ Assisting local travel agencies to launch more competitive tour programs to attract Taiwanese tourists for overseas traveling.

◆ Reinforcing the tourism promotion to Central America targeting the overseas Taiwanese in the U.S./ Canada.